Sunday, October 6, 2013

Texting and Scones

Doctor Who fans should catch the reference to the season six finale of Doctor Who in the title of this blog post (for non-Whovians who are interested, there is a clip here).  This post really has nothing to do with Doctor Who or texting, just delicious, gluten-free scones.

I don't usually bake with mixes because there isn't a lot of variety with gluten-free baking mixes: I can only make so many chocolate or vanilla cakes and chocolate chip cookies before I get bored.  That is not the case with Sticky Fingers Bakeries which has a line of four different gluten-free scone mixes: Original, Apple Oat, Wild Blueberry and Meyer Lemon.  I picked up the Wild Blueberry mix from our World Market store for about $5.00. 

The mix came together very quickly, you just add water and vegetable oil, stir and drop by spoonfuls on a prepared pan.  In less than twenty minutes I had ten delicious blueberry scones!  

Olivia thought they smelled delicious and had to check them out while I was taking some photos.  

I'll still mostly bake from scratch, but it's nice to know there are some gluten-free mixes available that aren't chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookies!  I plan to try the other varieties soon!