Sunday, November 10, 2013

A Very Whovian Dinner

Author's Note: I apologize if, dear reader, you are not a fan of the British sci-fi series called Doctor Who, which is what this post was inspired by.  It's a fantastic show I highly recommend about an alien (who looks human, but has two hearts) who goes on adventures saving our planet and others, usually with the help of a human companion (or two). He's a very old alien and when he's badly hurt, instead of dying, he regenerates (and they get a new actor to play him). The most recent regeneration of the Doctor (played by Matt Smith), was hungry after regenerating but didn't know what he liked to eat:

"New mouth. New rules. It's like eating after cleaning your teeth. Everything tastes wrong." - the Doctor 

So he tries many 'new' foods, hating all of them, until deciding what he really wanted was fish fingers and custard, not just eaten at the same meal, mind you, he dipped the fish fingers in the custard and thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Kenneth and I decided to embark on this culinary adventure (or misadventure, depending on your taste buds) when we found gluten-free fish sticks at Whole Foods this weekend!  

We're really excited about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode airing later this month (November 23rd to be exact!), so we decided to have a practice Doctor Who themed dinner complete with fish sticks (fish 'fingers' just sounds weird...), custard (it was actually vanilla pudding... we bought real British custard, but I failed miserably at making it tonight) and baked beans.  The real dinner will be held when we watch the 50th Anniversary episode and in addition to the fish fingers, custard and baked beans, will also include bacon, buttered bread, yogurt and an apple.  I love all of the foods the Doctor refuses to eat during this episode, so we decided to include them for fun (also it's a great excuse to have bacon!).

I wasn't going to try the fish fingers in the custard, but Kenneth did and said it was pretty good, so I tried a small bite. It wasn't bad, but I prefer ketchup.  This was probably one of the weirdest dinners we've ever had, though popcorn and ice cream for dinner is something we've also indulged in.  At least next time the meal will include fruit!

Kenneth and I have not fallen off the deep end with this meal, we are not alone. Tons and tons of Doctor Who fans around the world have enjoyed dipping fish sticks in pudding at one time or another, all in honor of their favorite two-hearted alien:

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