Friday, March 7, 2014

Mission Coffee Co. - Short North

Mission Coffee is a small coffee shop in the Short North. Located in a former garage (the windows in the big garage door let in a lot of natural light!), the coffee shop has a cool yet cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Mission opened its doors in 2011 by coffee enthusiasts Jonathan Starr and Jared Williamson.

I checked out Mission last week when I met Azmara Asefa to discuss the launch of her concept fashion series, Dressed (check out my review of Pt.1 of Dressed: Body Cartography here!)

The coffee shop has a very laid-back vibe, some customers were enjoying coffee and conversation while others were keeping caffeinated and busy with their laptops. The focus at Mission is on coffee, though you can also order tea and a few different pastries. There are several different ways to order your coffee at Mission (read about each method here), the equipment used is on display right by the counter where you order. I've had coffee the old fashion drip method and at home I use a French press. I've never had coffee from a Siphon, Clever, V60, Chemex or Wood Neck! I'm interested to try these different methods, but I'm also very partial to a plain latte (and I haven't yet convinced Kenneth, who doesn't drink coffee, that we need an espresso machine - I'm working on it though!). 

I'm always impressed by baristas that make intricate and lovely designs in the foam of my coffee drink (see below!). It almost makes it too pretty to drink, but I'm glad I did - Mission Coffee has fantastic espresso!

I arrived a bit early for my meeting with Azmara so while I sipped my latte I flipped through a copy of Telephone Weekly. I sunk into a very large and comfortable couch (pictured above, bottom row, center), which had a handy wooden shelf behind it for my coffee (convenience + comfort!). It was a very enjoyable afternoon! I'll have to come back to try a different preparation of coffee and settle down on that comfy couch with a good book!

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