Saturday, July 6, 2013

Austen Movie Marathon from the Library

“Movie Marathon from the Library”

“Hi, I’m looking for some books… do you have anything by Jane Austen?”  Irene asked the librarian behind the desk.
            “Jane Austen… let me see.”  Karen began to quickly peck on the keys of the computer with her long, red acrylic nails.  “Let me show you what section they’re in.  Mansfield Park, Emma, Persuasion…”
            “Northanger Abbey,” Irene interrupted, “I haven’t read that one yet.”
            “Oh,” Karen stared at the bookshelf for a moment, “I don’t think we have that one.  Pride and Prejudice instead?” 
            “Quiet!”  Rita, the oldest and strictest of the librarians hissed as she wheeled a cart of books by.

            “Sure,” Irene whispered as she picked up the well-worn volume, “I really liked the BBC movie version.”
            “That was a great film – I really thought Colin Firth made a great Darcy!”
            “Uh, he’s the proud one with big sideburns, right?”
            “Very good – how many times have you seen the movie?”
            “Well, my mother is a big A&E fan so we watch it whenever they happen to have it playing.”
            “Excuse me – would you two keep it down?”
            “You’re right Rita, we were getting a little noisy – sorry!”
            “Zip it this time!”
            After Rita had left, Karen picked up Sense and Sensibility and Emma.  “By the way, have you seen the films done after these books?”
            “Can’t say that I have, are they any good?”
            “Don’t know about this one,” Karen said as she drummed her nails on the cover of Sense and Sensibility, “But Emma was a hoot!”
            “Emma… I think I’ll check out that one too.”
            “Fantastic, you know I think we have both of the videos too.”
            “Great,” Irene began as she searched her wallet for her library card, “I guess I’ll have an Austen movie marathon tonight!”

Written by Courtney Denning, January 2006