Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Olivia and the Meringue

My cat has a sweet tooth.  

We had fish for dinner tonight and while Emma and Amelia were obnoxiously begging for a bite of fish, Olivia was licking the outside of the bag the meringue cookies were in.  We hadn't even opened them yet and she could tell they contained sugary goodness.  

She's not supposed to be able to taste sweetness, apparently no cat can, but she is notorious for getting into baked goods!  She's knocked over containers of cake and cookies to steal a nibble, we can't even let cake cool on the kitchen counters anymore.  She likes Meyer lemon yogurt cake, pink berry cobbler, lime glaze, vanilla frosting... she takes after me!  

I let her have a sniff of my meringue cookie tonight, but I didn't share (we never intentionally let the cats have deserts!).  I'd never had a meringue cookie before - they were pretty good!  These ones were crunchy, at first the texture is hard but then they melt in your mouth.  They were a little too sweet near the end, I would only eat half of one that size next time.  They look a little like clouds and I started envisioning a cloud themed tea party... meringue cookies for cumulus clouds, wispy cotton candy for cirrus clouds, vanilla cupcakes piled high with frosting for a snowstorm... Olivia would love it!