Friday, July 5, 2013

Noodles & Company - Grandview Heights

Do you ever have the sudden realization that you've been missing out on something you could have been enjoying for a long time?  Something delicious and amazing and wonderful?  Kenneth and I have had that realization with two Columbus restaurants, long after we moved here.  The first was Cap City Fine Diner and Bar, which we started eating at about a year and half ago.  The second was Noodles & Company, which we first visited this past Saturday, as part of our date night (after dinner we went and saw The Heat at the AMC Lennox Theater).

Both of these restaurants have delicious gluten-free menus and are really close to where we live.  We haven't been to Cap City since I started my blog.  I'm sure we will soon at which point I will post about the deliciousness (gluten-free and otherwise) available there.

Back to Noodles & Company - wow!  We were both really impressed with our dinner, so much so, we went back again last night and I'm eating leftovers as I type this.  Two visits in a week - it's that good!

Noodles & Company is mostly about noodles from American, European and Asian cuisines, but they also serve sandwiches, salads and soup.  For gluten-free and vegetarian or vegan diners - there are options for all of us!  The Nutrition and Allergen Guide shows which of the 'common eight' allergens are found in each dish, and substitutions can be made to certain dishes.  They also have a Summer Dishes and Gluten Guide which goes over what dishes are gluten-free already (like the Pad Thai), or can be made gluten-free by subbing out a wheat pasta for gluten-free fusilli or rice noodles.  They do state that if you are allergic or intolerant to gluten, to consult your physician before dining there because they cannot guarantee there won't be any cross-contamination (on all allergens).  Since I do not have Celiac disease and live with someone who eats wheat, I was comfortable eating here, and can attest after two visits, that I have not been 'glutened' (a phrase coined by gluten-free folks that means you accidentally ingested gluten)!

Kenneth and I ordered the same dishes both times we visited Noodles & Company, I ordered the Pad Thai with shrimp and he ordered the Bangkok Curry with pork.  They also have a nice selection of beverages, I had the IZZE Grapefruit and Kenneth had Nantucket Nectars Orange Mango juice.

We both really enjoyed our meals!  I have a new obsession with rice noodles and peanut sauce... neither of which I thought sounded very good until I tried it.  It's fantastic!  And despite not having any wheat, rice noodles are very filling.  The carrots were cooked just the right amount, they still had a little bite.  I like the cabbage, but there could have been more of it.  The scrambled eggs in the noodles was interesting - I've never had that combination before, but it's good!  And the shrimp, it's shrimp so it was delicious! 


Noodles & Company has a really cool blog with recipes, cooking tips and a recent post on the gardens of some staff.  Check it out!

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