Sunday, July 28, 2013

Global Groceries

Today Kenneth and I went to La Michoacana Mexican Market and Saraga International Grocery stores (both photos are from Saraga).  We were looking for a few specific items, but ended up wandering through both stores to see what all they offer.  

I loved the produce sections of both stores - so many fresh fruits and vegetables we either never see in a regular grocery store, or are in horrible shape when they do make a rare appearance.  At Saraga a pallet of huge jack fruit greeted us as we walked in the store!  We also saw guava, prickly pear fruits (which are also called tunas!), dragon fruit (like the prickly pears, these fruits also come from cacti), jicama, burro bananas, tamarind, yuca rootmamey sapote and many others I am not familiar with.  

We ended up buying Tajín seasoning, membrillo (quince paste), tapioca pearls and a few other items.  We'll definitely be back - there are so many new foods I want to try!  We're lucky to have stores like these in Columbus, it's a great way to experience other cultures without leaving central Ohio!