Friday, August 2, 2013

Cookbooks & Passports in Australia

Lemon Punch

Today was the final day of Cookbooks & Passports summer camp - we ended our culinary journey around the world in Australia!  We began the day by reading Are we there yet?: a journey around Australia by Alison Lester and If You Lived Here: Houses of the World by Giles Laroche.  The campers really enjoyed both books - they tried to guess what country each house was from in If You Lived Here and were correct quite a few times! 

Before making our morning snack, we found Australia on our world maps and colored in the Australian flag.  The animal and plant we colored today were the koala and eucalyptus tree.  We also learned about aboriginal art for our craft, Dot Art Buttons Animals from Glittering Muffins.  I gave the campers some background information from Aboriginal Art Online and some pictures of aboriginal symbols.  While working on our crafts and baking in the kitchen, we listened to Aboriginal Chilled Beats radio on Pandora!

For our morning snack, we made Anzac Biscuits from Juggling with Kids.  The dough for these biscuits (cookies) came together quickly, but the campers had a hard time forming the dough, which was very dry and crumbly!  The cookies turned out great though, the campers gave them twelve 'thumbs up' and three 'sideways thumbs.' 

Our afternoon snack was Pavlova with Whipped Cream and Fruit from Kitchen Counter Chronicles and Lemon Punch adapted from Nerada Tea.  The campers loved the pavlova (especially since it was covered in cool whip and berries!).  They gave it twelve 'thumbs up' and one 'sideways thumbs,' and one camper didn't want to try it.  The lemon punch, which we made with green instead of black tea, was bright and citrusy!  The ginger ale made it bubbly and the mint was a nice addition (can you tell that I loved the punch?).  The campers weren't as impressed by the punch as I was - two 'thumbs up,' eight 'sideways thumbs,' three 'thumbs down' and one camper didn't try it.

We ended our tasty week of camp with a final game of 5 Trees.  This week went by really fast - the campers were great and the recipes were delicious!

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