Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall - In a Box!

Pumpkin treats from Cherbourg Bakery!  These delicious, gluten-free pumpkin donuts and pumpkin chocolate chip bars are my first pumpkin flavored treats from my favorite bakery!

We've been Pumpkin Feastin' for eighteen days now and Fall doesn't even officially start for two more!  I know some people dislike the taste of pumpkin, or just get tired of it after every other food item is "pumpkin-ized," but I don't!  I love it!  

I'm keeping a list of all the pumpkin foods we eat during Pumpkin Feast (which I see as running from about September to February... which is totally reasonable if you ignore that it goes through the end of summer, all of fall and half of winter!).  I'll share the list on the blog with my last post about Pumpkin Feast!