Thursday, September 19, 2013

Westerville Mini Golf

I have not been putt putt or mini golfing in many, many years.  So many, I don't remember the last time I've been!  It was probably while on vacation with my family when my sister and I were a lot younger, we might have been in junior high or early high school.  Mini golfing was something we only seemed to do on vacation, it was kind of a tradition!

Kenneth and I went mini golfling here in Columbus last week while on vacation.  We were very lucky to be able to schedule a week of vacation together!  Seven days with no work and no school!  We couldn't afford to go on a vacation away, so we had a Columbus staycation here at home.  We relaxed at home for a few days, had a marathon of the new Star Trek movies (with a delicious gluten-free Donatos pizza!), grabbed peanut butter milkshakes at Krema and visited Sharon Woods, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Hayden Falls, the Ohio Pawpaw Festival and went mini golfing!

Mini golfing was Kenneth's idea - I think he wanted to make our vacation seem more like the typical family vacations of our childhood so he searched for mini golfing and found a really nice place in Westerville.

Westerville Mini Golf has two 18 hole miniature golf courses complete with mini houses, fountains and gorgeous landscaping (I found some lovely succulents that were flowering - they were so colorful and brilliant in the strong light of the sunset!).  This golf course is pretty awesome, the gnomes even like it!  We saw two on the course we played!

I'm not a very athletic person (I practice yoga to counterbalance my severe lack of balance!), so I wasn't thrilled at the idea of a game of putt putt.  I was pleasantly surprised though, when I beat Kenneth by two whole points!  Turns out neither of us are that great at mini golf (we were passed by two sets of people, a father and son and a grandpa and very young grandson!), we were over the par for the whole course by 9-11 points.  It was fun though - definitely something new that I wouldn't have thought of doing here in Columbus!

I will be adding more posts from our Columbus staycation as soon as I get them all written up!