Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fruit Cake!

Today I made these tasty looking fruitcakes for a multi-cultural winter holiday event at work tomorrow. The fruitcake is for Christmas in Great Britain - and it looks delicious (it's also full of gluten, so I'm relying on co-workers to taste test for me, I might make a gluten-free version for me later this month)!

I used a recipe for Easy Fruit Cake from JoyofBaking.com. The author, Stephanie Jaworski, includes a helpful video along with the recipe for this quick and easy fruitcake. What makes this fruitcake so easy to make (and kid-friendly) is that the recipe does not include alcohol and can be eaten as soon as it cools! I have never had fruitcake before and am excited to hear what our guests think about it tomorrow night!