Sunday, May 5, 2013

Squirrely Business

Edited using PicMonkey

My parents came to visit Kenneth and I in Columbus today - and everyone came with me to work!  Today I facilitated Family Fun at the Conservatory (we read Skippyjon Jones books, planted catnip and cat grass, and Skippy visited with the kids!) and Kenneth and my parents volunteered - it was a lot of fun!  

After Family Fun we had a late lunch at Rusty Bucket, ice cream from Jeni's (reviews from both are coming soon!) and went back to tour the Conservatory.  This little guy (above) was walking around the historic Palm House via the gutter!  We could hear his nails on the metal as he walked a few feet, peeked over the gutter at us, and walked a little further.  

It was cloudy this afternoon and my photo turned out a little dark.  I do not have Photoshop on my computer (nor the skills to use it), but I was able to lighten up the photo by using PicMonkey!  PicMonkey is an easy to use (and free!) photo editing website.  You can use it for simple enhancements or corrections, or you can play with some of the special features for really cool photos - check it out!  I included the original photo (below) so you can see the changes I was able to make using PicMonkey.
Original Photo