Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rusty Bucket - Bexley

Rusty Bucket is one of our 'go-to' restaurants in Columbus.  It's conveniently located (one is near home in Upper Arlington and there's one near work in Bexley), has a great family friendly atmosphere, has vegetarian options (for my mom and sister) and has a fantastic gluten-free menu!  I have never ordered anything from Rusty Bucket that I did not love! 

Last weekend when my parents were in town to visit, we had a very late lunch at Rusty Bucket in Bexley.  This location is just a minute or two in the car from the Conservatory - it's also right next to the Bexley location for Jeni's Spendid Ice Creams, and just down the road is Cherbourg Bakery (the best gluten and nut free bakery in Columbus!)!

This location has a nice outdoor dining area - but it was a little chilly and cloudy that day so we chose to dine indoors.

Rusty Bucket's gluten-free friendly menu includes appetizers, salads, main dishes, sides and gluten-free drinks!  I have a few favorites, but I usually order the double stacked quesadilla.  I have also ordered the tilapia, grilled BBQ chicken, and the pesto chicken pasta - all were delicious!  Before discovering my wheat and soy intolerances, I was a pretty adventurous eater, for a vegetarian.  I liked to try new things and so long as I could find vegetarian options in a restaurant, I would order different items each time I returned.  Now that I eat wheat and soy-free, I do eat meat, but I usually order the same thing each time I eat out at a restaurant.  When I've had a meal that tastes good and didn't make me feel unwell the last time I ate it, I'm content to order it again and again.

Last weekend I did order the quesadilla again, though Kenneth and I did try a new drink for us - the black and blue iced tea.  This is Rusty Bucket's house brewed iced tea with smashed blackberries and blueberries - it was refreshing and sweet!

The double stacked quesadilla is my favorite item at Rusty Bucket because it reminds me of a Mexican restaurant in my home town called El Sombrero.  It's a really good quesadilla with fresh guacamole, salsa and sour cream and while it's not a huge meal (technically it's a starter, not a main plate), it's still very filling.

Kenneth, ordered the fish sandwich.  He really likes seafood, especially fish sandwiches or fish and chips.  He thought this was a good sandwich, but he did wish the small slice of cheese covered a bit more of the sandwich.

My Dad picked the buffalo chicken sandwich.  He said it was messy (it is a really big sandwich) but good.

My Mom went with the veggie burger.  She really appreciates restaurants that make their own veggie burgers, instead of offering frozen veggie burgers (which can be bought in a grocery store and made at home).  She really enjoyed her sandwich and side of tomato cucumber salad.

Rusty Bucket is definitely a restaurant we will visit again, and again!  The selection is great for our wide variety of dietary restrictions, the wait staff are always friendly and the atmosphere is casual and comfortable.  We've never had a bad experience at this restaurant - I only wish there was a location in our hometown and where my in-laws live so we had this option when we visit them!  Rusty Bucket can be found outside of central Ohio, check their website for all of their locations and remember - they have free beer tomorrow!

If you have children in your family - definitely check out Rusty Bucket's reading program!  I picked up a bookmark with information about it at the Bexley location.  Kids can be a Bucketeer Bookworm when they read five books, they get a free kids meal!  I'm actually a little jealous of the kids - I'm a bit of a bookworm myself - but too old to be a Buckateer Bookworm!  :-)

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