Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bee Buzz 2 & 3

Bees are awesome!  In addition to making honey, they also pollinate a ton of food we eat, from apples to tomatoes to buckwheat!  They're also beautiful insects - check out these amazing images of native American bees from Wired Science

If you're not already aware of how awesome bees are - let The Secret Life of Bees from the Smithsonian Magazine convince you!  Bees and other pollinating insects are in decline - which could mean bad news for our favorite fruits and veggies if their populations continue to plummet.  Nature has an article, The pollinator crisis: What's best for bees that's definitely worth checking out.

These two photographs were taken today in the gardens at the Conservatory - several patches of herbs were abuzz with all sorts of bees!  The second photo is of a bee getting a drink of water from a fountain in the Pollinators Garden.  It's specifically designed for pollinating insects to be able to get a sip of water - but the birds love it for a quick bath too!