Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cap City Fine Diner and Bar - Grandview Heights

Cap City Fine Diner and Bar is my favorite restaurant in Columbus!  They have an excellent gluten-free friendly menu, wonderful wait staff and delicious drinks and dessert.  This is one of our usual picks when going out for a special occasion, as it was when we visited two weeks ago for our third wedding anniversary!  We've also gone to Cap City to celebrate birthdays, holidays and other big events.  It's also a great restaurant to take friends and family to when they come to visit us in Columbus.

Above is a photo of Cap City's gluten-free friendly menu.  There are so many options that it usually takes me a while to decide what to order!  There are also a lot of vegetarian options!  My mom has counted about five or six menu items that she can order without making changes and a few salads that can be made vegetarian if bacon is omitted.  It's a nice change from her usual experience at a restaurant where she has only one or two options or has to order several side items.

Something that sets Cap City apart from other restaurants with gluten-free options is that they serve their own gluten-free bread on their sandwiches.  I love everything I've ordered at Cap City (which include the pecan crusted pork chops, all American cheeseburger, the four egg omelet and Jake's famous Reuben), but I prefer ordering a sandwich.  It's so nice to be able to order a sandwich, with bread, and eat like everybody else!  A lot of restaurants with gluten-free options have sandwiches, but they're only gluten-free because you order them without bread and certain condiments.  At Cap City, the Reuben is by far my favorite; I don't think I've ordered anything else since I tried it!

On our most recent visit, Kenneth ordered the Peach Palmer which includes lemonade, tea and his favorite, peach purée.  I had my favorite drink, the Strawberry Basil Lemonade which is lemonade with strawberry purée and muddled basil.  Both were delicious and served in pretty little carafes!

For dinner I, of course, ordered Jake's famous Reuben with French fries.  Cap City has amazing French fries!  I'm slightly obsessed with Reuben sandwiches.  I don't remember hearing about them until I was a high school student (and vegetarian), I decided to try it when I read that the sandwich includes sauerkraut (I LOVE sauerkraut!).  I haven't bothered with any other Cap City sandwiches since!

Kenneth has a similar obsession with a Cap City sandwich, I think he's also only ordered the Blackened Tilapia Po’ Boy since he first tried it.  It comes with a sweet pickle remoulade and he usually orders it with Cap City's Maytag blue cheese cole slaw.  

If you haven't ever been to Cap City, I highly recommend you check it out!  We didn't order dessert on our last trip, but we usually try to save room for the vanilla bean crème brûlée which comes with fresh strawberries - like everything else at Cap City, it's amazing!

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