Sunday, January 26, 2014

Aab India - Grandview Heights

Aab India is a great Indian restaurant in Grandview Heights with a ton of gluten-free and vegetarian options! I went to Aab India with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, Cam, and Kenneth about a month ago. 

While there is no separate gluten-free menu, a lot of traditional Indian dishes are already gluten-free and our server checked everything I ordered with the kitchen to make sure it was ok for me to eat. They serve a gluten-free beer along with a variety of imported and exported beers and specialty drinks. The beverage I was most interested in though, was the rose water lassi. Lassis are made with yogurt and can be sweet (rose water) or savory (salt, cumin and mint). Aab India also serves a mango lassi. The rose water lassi I had was delicious! 

Everyone at our table ordered something different for dinner. Since your food is made to order, you choose how spicy you want your meal to be. 1 is the least spicy, 6 is the spiciest. Everyone ordered a level 2, except Kenneth who went with a 4 (he has a high tolerance for spicy foods!). 

My mom and sister are vegetarians and had no difficulty finding something delicious to eat. My mom ordered the saag mushroom, which is mushrooms cooked with spinach and cream. My sister, Brittney, ordered the vegetable jalfrezi, a variety of vegetables cooked in a sauce of peppers, tomatoes and onions. I had the shrimp saag, shrimp cooked with spinach and cream. Kenneth tried the lamb do piaza which is lamb cooked in tomatoes, onions, peppers and spices. My dad and Cam each ordered a specialty that included a variety of dishes and came out on a silver platter. My dad had the vegetarian thal which included aloo tikki, choley, mater paneer, dal, nan, raita, rice, and a small dessert. Cam enjoyed the Aab India special which came with aloo tikki and pakora, chicken tandoori, lamb curry, dal, mater paneer, nan, rice, and a small dessert. The nan, an Indian flatbread, looked amazing! It was the only thing that I felt deprived of; nan is delicious but is not gluten-free.

All of our meals came with rice and we had three different chutneys at the table: mint, tamarind and onion. I really love plain rice so before digging in to my saag, I tried some plain rice on my plate. Simple, but delicious (nearly as good as nan!). All of our food was amazing and my parents can't wait to visit so they can go back!

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