Thursday, January 2, 2014

Donatos - Grandview Heights

This is an ode to the best gluten-free crust I have ever eaten. Ever. Donatos has stolen my heart (er, stomach?) with their gluten-free pizzas. The crust is thin, but stable, with the right amount of crunchy and chewy with an almost buttery taste. It's wonderful! 

Pizza is my favorite food and the number one food item I was worried about not being able to eat once going gluten-free. I've had my fair share of disappointing gluten-free pizzas that had soggy or flabby crusts. Pizzas that were falling apart and tasteless or had a weird aftertaste (the most memorable was one which I unaffectionately referred to as the 'pizza pancake' - it was gross!). It is wonderful to be able to buy a pre-made gluten-free pizza that looks as good as it tastes and doesn't have to be eaten with a spoon! Thank you Donatos!

If you are ready to indulge in one of the best gluten-free pizzas you'll ever eat, stop by a Donatos restaurant or Kroger to pick up a Cheese or Pepperoni pizza. I recommend taking the pre-made pizza home to bake, though you could have it baked at a Donatos restaurant (it will be baked in the same ovens as regular pizzas though). 

We have also enjoyed Donatos gluten-free Sonoma Flatbreads, which come in Pepperoni, Three Cheese and Margherita (we found them frozen or in the deli section). At home you can add your own toppings - the pizza bakes quickly at home in your oven (an unforeseen bonus of the thin gluten-free crust, only ten to twelve minutes to pizza heaven!).


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