Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More Bubbles

I've read online that if you blow bubbles when it's below freezing outside, the bubbles will freeze. I thought frozen bubbles would make a cool photo of the day and be a way to try and have fun with this cold winter weather. When I got home from work today I kept my winter clothes on, grabbed a bottle of bubbles and stepped out on our balcony. With cold fingers and high expectations I blew bubbles while wondering how crazy I might look to my neighbors. The bubbles floated around the balcony being pushed and pulled by a light breeze, but none froze. I tried for a few more minutes before turning to go back inside, cold and disappointed. Then I noticed that all three cats were sitting watching me with their noses practically glued to the window. They thought the bubbles were fascinating!

New plan: Kenneth would blow bubbles while I photographed the cats checking them out! They were fascinated but kept their distance. Nobody tried to catch a bubble, they just watched in awe as the bubbles burst in the air or shortly after touching the carpet. They seemed really puzzled by the bubbles' sudden appearance and quick departure, especially Olivia. She'd stare at the spot on the carpet where a bubble had just been, maybe thinking if she stares hard enough, she'll be able to tell where it went. I'm probably reading more into her thoughts than what's really there, but regardless, the bubbles were a new and fun experience for our furry kids!