Thursday, January 2, 2014

Morning Snow

This is was what greeted me as I walked to my car to leave for work this morning. For a brief moment, I was struck by the beauty of the mostly untouched snow. It was lovely, peacefully quiet... and sparkly. Magical almost. I managed to wrangle my camera out of its case (which was in my purse) without dropping my purse, lunch bag, or thermos of hot coffee, to take a picture of this brief magical moment.

Then I made it to my car and spent twelve freezing cold minutes wiping all of the snow off of it before slowly creeping my way to work on the snow covered roads of downtown Columbus. It snowed nearly all day, stopping just before I left work to go home. The wind had picked up at this point so in my rush to knock all of the new snow off of my car, I brushed half of it off the car and the wind blew it into my face. Then I slowly crawled home, hoping I wouldn't slide off the road or that another car wouldn't slide into me. If my friends and family would relocate with me, I would definitely be ok with moving South and never seeing snow again.

Winter is not my season, but I must admit, it can be pretty.