Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Amelia & the Cat Carrier

Amelia is an anxious cat. She's always been a little on edge, even around Kenneth and I. She's warmed up to us and the other two cats in the three years that we've had her, but she still loses it if we bring out a cat carrier. She is a master at hide-and-go-seek, except when she's scared she hides and we end up late to the veterinary office because we can't figure out where she went!

We're working on getting her to be ok with the cat carrier just being in our regular living space. I've been moving it around the apartment every few days, most of the time putting Olivia or Emma in it to show Amelia that it's ok, see, they didn't die in the cat carrier. Emma has been using it as her personal napping box and apparently that was appealing to Amelia because I found her in the cat carrier today. My husband may be a veterinarian in 73 days, but I am the freaking cat whisper (if you want to give me my own show, Animal Planet, that'd be cool).