Saturday, February 8, 2014


Skreened is an awesome t-shirt printing company located right here in Columbus! Using Skreened's website, you can create your own unique custom t-shirt, tank, hooded sweatshirt or tote bag. Remember the owl drawing I was working on last year? I finally finished it and with help from Skreened, turned it into a Black Owl t-shirt!

In addition to an easy to use website and great t-shirt designs, Skreened also has excellent customer service! When I originally ordered my shirt, I chose the wrong size and style. Skreened reprinted my t-shirt on the size and style I requested - for free! I dropped my original off at the Skreened store and just a week or two later, had my new t-shirt. While in the store, I read tons of letters from other Skreened customers raving about their new t-shirts and Skreened's fantastic employees. I am definitely not the only one who had a great experience with this company!

If you want to make your own custom t-shirt, you can quickly do so on Skreened's website. Of, if you're not feeling very creative, you can browse through thousands of already designed shirts, including my owl shirt. My Skreened shop is called Friday's Bluebird and I've created a few galleries of cool t-shirts for you to enjoy: What a Hoot!, Wonderful Wonderland and Caffeine Fiend.

Check Skreened out - you'll definitely find or create something awesome!