Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Playing Laser Tag with Cats

Author's Note: The video monitoring camera company, Dropcam, asked me to share a story about our cats as part of their current blog challenge. They're looking for bloggers to share funny, cute or sweet stories about their pets. You can learn more about Dropcam on their website, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter. I am not getting paid to write this post, nor do I own a Dropcam camera, though it would be interesting to know what our cats get up to when we're not home!

There are many toys our cats love to play with. Catnip mice and other animals (they have eight mice, two socktopuses, two snakes and three fish), string, straws, foil balls, baby tennis balls, a kong for cats and a SlimCat ball. We've even played with bubbles

One of their favorite toys is the laser pointer. They each have a different way of playing with the laser. Amelia tries to 'eat' the red dot, Olivia goes crazy running after it in fast, tight circles and Emma hogs the game entirely. We love playing with them using the laser pointer because it's a great way for them to get exercise (which is especially important for indoor cats) and we get to watch their goofy antics. I took a few short videos of them playing with the laser pointer last night and this morning.

Here's Amelia trying to eat the red dot. She doesn't really chase the laser pointer the way the other two cats do, but she will watch them chase it! Amelia's favorite toys are the little catnip mice they got for Christmas last year from their grandparents. Amelia, who is usually very shy, nervous and timid, will growl at her sisters if she's playing with a mouse and they get too close! Amelia loves her catnip!

Olivia and Emma chase the laser in this video. Sometimes Livy gets going so fast she makes herself dizzy, we've had to stop playing with her before so she doesn't fall over! 

Olivia also makes really cute noises if she discovers that the red dot is on her. She always seems surprised and a little shocked! 

Olivia likes chasing the laser, she also really likes playing with string and watching me sew or do my hair. She knows the sound my sewing tin opening and comes running so she can try to steal thread from me (I keep a close eye on her). She will sit at my feet and watch me sew for hours! Like Amelia, she also loves toys with catnip in them, but prefers socktopus to the catnip mice.

My last video is of Emma hogging the laser pointer. Emma does not share very well, she steals food and toys from the other two all the time! The laser pointer and the red string are Emma's favorite toys. She either can't smell catnip or simply doesn't care for it - she seems confused when we give Amelia and Olivia dried catnip. She always comes to investigate - I think she thinks they're eating treats but after she smells the catnip she walks away, no longer interested. As I write this post Emma is sitting on the back of my chair, alternating between tapping me on the head and sniffing my hair - she wants to make sure she's well represented online!