Friday, February 21, 2014

New Kicks from The Scarpetta

Recently I won a free pair of shoes! Free shoes! They came from The Scarpetta, an online shoe boutique with really reasonable prices on designer shoes. I do not claim to be fashion savvy by any means - my main criteria for anything I wear is comfort! But even I can recognize really nice shoes when I see them (despite my lack of fashion awareness, I have expensive taste so the reasonable prices also caught my attention).

The Scarpetta is having several contests this month, the big one is to win free shoes for a year by creating a Pinterest board called "Everyday is a Fashion Show" and using the hashtags they provide each week on your pins. There have also been also mini contests during the week on Facebook and Twitter.

The total of four not awkward shoe photos I managed to take.

The shoes that I won came from the brand Naturalizer. I chose a pair of ankle boots, the Jacklyn Ankle Boot in taupe (I was stoked to find boots that came in size 10 for my giant feet!). They arrived about a week after I ordered them and I tried them out this afternoon. I went outside to take some 'fashion-y' photos like I've seen on other blog, thinking that maybe I'll start doing more posts about what I wore today or cool accessories... it was a short-lived dream. It's really hard to photograph your shoes when they're on your own feet! I felt goofy and most of the 'creative' shots I tried came out looking goofy too. 

Then I got distracted by the Ninja peering through the crack I left on the balcony door (I'm terrified I'll lock myself out on the balcony if I shut the door all the way so I always leave it open a teeny bit). By Ninja, I mean Emma, who's second middle name is actually Ninja (yeah, all our cats have two middle names: Olivia Bear Grace, Emma Fox Ninja and Amelia Rabbit Pond... bet your cats were that cool, don't ya?). Emma was peering at me through the door during my fashion shoot and when I went over to see her she started viciously attacking my camera strap. 

Look at those claws! Someone needs a trim!

Then I realized the that the real reason I'll probably never be a fashion-forward blogger: my main accessory is cat hair!

 I do love my new shoes though - I think I need to find a different pair of colored jeans to go with them though, since my olive green ones nearly match the color of the boots! 

I'm all about free shoes, so check out my Pinterest board, Everyday is a Fashion Show, for The Scarpetta contest. There you can see pins of how I dress in my 'I am a fashion blogger' dreams! Don't forget to check out The Scarpetta on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so you have a chance to win free shoes too!