Monday, April 21, 2014

Harvest Pizzeria - German Village

Harvest Pizzeria is my new favorite place for gluten-free pizza! I can't believe I didn't try eating here sooner! I went to Harvest with my parents last month for dinner. We arrived at the perfect moment to be seated without having to wait. The dining area is small but very open. Large windows on two sides of the room let in a ton of natural light.

We ordered the Mean Green Salad to share and my parents ordered the Vegetable Pizza. I tried the Geary Street, which comes with clams, on a gluten-free crust and a Moscow Mule to drink. Everything was delicious! The salad came with jewel lettuce, spinach, sunflower seeds, sprouts, avocado and Harvest's house made Green Goddess dressing. It was fresh and full of flavor!

Mom and Dad enjoyed their pizza. I didn't try any of it since it wasn't gluten-free, but it looked good. It had mozzarella and provolone cheeses, onion, olives, mushroom and pepper and was sprinkled with bright green sunflower sprouts. 

My pizza was amazing! I enjoyed my first taste of clams, they reminded me a bit of mushrooms. I loved the gluten-free crust! It was thick and chewy, very unlike any other gluten-free pizza I've ever had before. I kept comparing how my pizza looked to my parents non-gluten-free pizza to make sure they looked different and that I wasn't actually eating a regular wheat pizza (it was indeed gluten-free though, and not the same as my parents). 

The Moscow Mule was also delicious! It was made with vodka, ginger beer, ginger liqueur and lime - it reminded me of an adult version of Northstar Cafe's ginger ale, which I also love.

I'm really glad we went to Harvest Pizzeria! This was the best pizza I have had in many, many years. I like the thin and crispy gluten-free pizzas that most pizza places make, but I have really missed the thick, bread-y crust I used to have when I ate wheat. The gluten-free pizza at Harvest doesn't taste like any gluten-free pizza I've ever had before - it was delicious!

Another great thing about Harvest Pizzeria is that the focus is on fresh, locally produced ingredients. Check out their farm fresh Ohio partners here to see where the produce, dairy and meat that you might enjoy at Harvest comes from. Harvest has two locations, one in German Village and a new location in Clintonville. The staff at the German Village location, where we dined, were very friendly and helpful. I can't wait to go back for more pizza!

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