Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Flowers + Cute Kitties

Yesterday my parents, Kenneth and I visited my sister, Brittney, and her boyfriend, Cam, in Cincinnati. We had supper at Cactus Pear (they have delicious shrimp tacos and blood orange margaritas) and got a tour of Britt and Cam's apartment.

They have a nice backyard that was full of flowers (so jealous!) so I spent about twenty minutes getting some photos. I got to meet Cam's cats Little Guy and Stella and my sister's new kitten, Alistair. I tried taking the cat's photo, but everyone is camera shy! Especially Alistair, though to be fair to him, there were four new people in his new house! Below are my favorite flowers photos and the few photos I got of Little Guy and Stella - enjoy!

Little Guy + Stella

They hated the red light that flashes on my camera right when it focuses. I got a lot of these looks when I tried to take their photo!

Stella and Little Guy have gorgeous green eyes!

They're both adorable! So is Alistair, hopefully I can take his picture soon, once he gets used to me!