Friday, April 4, 2014

Darby Smart

I love crafting and making new things! Darby Smart is a company that makes it so easy to create craft projects. Through their website they sell fun craft kits and supplies. Everything you need to complete a project (including instructions) is included in their kits. I had to try one!

I bought the March edition of the monthly To DIY FOR box, the contents of which are a surprise! Inside my box was a wood burning hot pen, a reusable stencil, two cutting boards, a practice piece of wood, a tube of green beads in a bottle and an instruction sheet for making Wood Burned Cutting Boards.

I'm still practicing using the wood burning hot pen, it's taking me a while to master and I want to have a good technique before I burn the cutting boards. I'll share how they turn out on the blog!

Projects I have made with my Darby Smart supplies:

Green Tutorial: Beaded Lucky Bamboo Bottle (inspired by the Darby Smart kit, Confetti Champagne Flutes)
Wood Burned Cutting Boards (coming soon)
Wood Burned Little House (coming soon, check out the little house below)

I think little birds and flowers would be a nice design for this house!

Kits I am interested in trying/think look awesome:

Animal Themed:

Animal Canisters
#Catweek Canisters
Critter Ring Dishes
Cat Ring Dishes

Home Decor:

Color Dipped Table Runner
Wood Burning Starter Set
Moroccan Tile Coasters
Monogram Coasters 
Block Printing Starter Set
Printed Pillows 
DIYd Decorative Pillows
Geometric Jewelry Dishes
The Modern Votive 

Fashion, Accessories:

20s Inspired Headbands
Make a State-Ment Tote 

I have applied to be a Darby Smart Designer and would love the chance to create some kits for the company! At my current job I spend a lot of time creating kids crafts and searching for ideas (mostly on my internet love, Pinterest!). I love coming up with new crafts, but I'm sometimes limited in what I can create because the crafts have to be simple for little hands. 

Have you made anything crafty lately?