Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Clowder of Cats

Our three lovely ladies, Olivia, Emma and Amelia, decided to make mischief when I got home this afternoon. One of them (or possible all three, they've been known to collaborate when getting food is their goal) knocked over the food bag and spilled tiny kitty kibbles on the laundry room floor. I thought it would be fun to let them 'go fishing' and grab at the food pieces from under the laundry room door. I also thought it'd be funny if I filmed it. 

Everyone was happy, especially Emma because she's the only one who is any good at this game (I let Olivia and Amelia into the laundry room so they got some food too). Wondering about the title of this blog post? I stumbled onto one of those lists that identify what you call different groups of animals and thought the cat entries were pretty awesome. A group of cats can be called a 'clowder,' 'clutter,' 'dout,' 'glorying,' or the more appropriate 'pounce,' 'nuisance' or 'glare.' A group of kittens can be called a 'litter,' 'intrique,' or 'kindle.' My favorite and I think the best one is for a group of wild cats - a 'destruction.' I think the title can be applied to domestic house cats if said group of cats fit the description (mine do).