Monday, April 28, 2014

Ramps + Pizza

Harvest Pizzeria had ramps* on tonight's special! It was delicious! The special featured wild ramps from Ohio and West Virginia, truffled mushrooms from Athens County, fennel sausage, Taleggio cheese and local honey. We enjoyed it on top of a gluten-free crust - it was divine! 

To round out the meal, I enjoyed a very gingery Moscow Mule. Read my full review of Harvest Pizzeria, written after my first visit, here!

*Ramps, which are also called wild leeks, are onion-y/garlic-y spring greens that can be found in the woods in most of the Eastern parts of the US and Canada. Ramps are a very popular wild edible, the leaves and the bulb can be eaten raw or cooked.

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