Tuesday, April 29, 2014

State of Devotion Apparel & Accessories

State of Devotion is a clothing company that makes a variety of Ohio themed t-shirts and accessories. State of Devotion started in 2011 and opened it's flagship store in Grandview Heights earlier this year. They use American Apparel fitted t-shirts and print their awesome designs right here in Ohio. 

At the Devotion store in Grandview, you can browse State of Devotion's t-shirts, growler bags, OHIO necklaces and wooden ornaments made from reclaimed wood from old the Ohio stadium bleachers.

I love the decor and atmosphere in the Devotion store! Ohio license plates hang from a long chain along the wall. An eclectic mix of vintage and antique furniture display t-shirts and jewelry along with Ohio themed knick knacks. Objects like an old Ohio Drivers Manual and a small cardinal statue sitting on a shelf above the wares add create a unique old-meets-new vibe.

When I visited State of Devotion earlier this month, I was in search of a Columbus t-shirt. I've lived in the capital city for four years now, and prior to my visit, did not own a single Columbus t-shirt. This had to change. I looked at all of the t-shirts on display, admiring the bright colors and clean, sharp designs. I narrowed my choice down to two: the grey COLUMBUS tee and the blue City of Awesome tee. Both are great designs and I love both of the colors. After much deliberation, I ended up choosing the blue City of Awesome tee. I have a ton of grey clothing already, and honestly, how could I pass up "City of Awesome?"

After checking out the State of Devotion Summer and Fall 2011 photo shoots, I decided to take some photos of myself in my new tee. The videos and photos are great and really showcase the Ohioan pride State of Devotion encompasses... but they were missing one thing - cats! Olivia, Emma and Amelia are proud of their Ohio roots too so they jumped in some photos with me.

If you can't make it to the Devotion - Flagship Store in Grandview, check out the following retailers, or shop online!

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