Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cherbourg Bakery - Bexley

I have already mentioned that Cherbourg Bakery is the best gluten and nut free bakery in Columbus, it is also my favorite bakery!  Cherbourg, located in Bexley, has a delicious assortment of gluten and nut free treats, coffee, juice and soda - and the bakery itself is lovely!

Because Cherbourg is gluten and nut free, it's perfect for both Kenneth and I to pick up a sweet treat.  A lot of gluten-free recipes will include almond or hazelnut flour as a substitute for wheat flour, which probably tastes great, but Kenneth can't have any tree nuts so I never bake with any nut flours.  It's nice to be able to split a donut or muffin since we usually have to order completely different things when eating in a restaurant, and we can't taste or share each others meals.

We stopped by Cherbourg today after work and enjoyed a carrot spice muffin with buttercream icing, a chocolate donut, espresso brownie and a strawberry rhubarb Oogave soda.

I love everything I've ever had from Cherbourg, but I have to admit, I still haven't tried the whole menu!  I've become very particular to the espresso brownie, black tie cupcake and s'mores bar and am often reluctant to leave without one of my favorites!  

Today, though, I decided to try something new with the carrot spice muffin.  I was well rewarded for my effort!  This muffin was amaaazing!  So moist and sweet, and the buttercream icing was perfect!  I usually prefer chocolate to anything like carrot cake or banana bread, but my favorite today was definitely the carrot spice!  The strawberry rhubarb soda was also delicious - and a very pretty shade of pink!

Kenneth and I have placed a few special orders with Cherbourg in the past for birthday parties and anniversaries, we've never been disappointed!  Last year for his birthday Kenneth had a blueberry tart and this year for mine we enjoyed the flourless chocolate cake!  

I absolutely love the way the bakery is decorated, the kitchen is open so patrons can watch the bakers create fresh blueberry monster muffins and lemon bars - it's a charming place to sit and enjoy your muffin or cupcake!

Check out Cherbourg in Bexley on South Drexel Ave, or online on their website, Facebook page, their blog!

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