Saturday, June 22, 2013

Krema Nut Company - Grandview Heights

Kenneth and I have been fans of Krema Peanut Butter since we discovered it at Kroger in Athens.  We have different tastes in peanut butter and usually each have our own separate jar, Kenneth prefers chunky peanut butter that's made with just peanuts and a teeny amount of salt (the kind he buys needs stirred before use), I like peanut butter that is smooth and easy to spread and I absolutely abhor chunky peanut butter!  We both love Krema though - their peanut butter is tasty and the company is local!

My husband loves peanut butter - my jar of lasts me a few months or so, but we buy Kenneth a small jar of chunky peanut butter every week.  He puts it on sandwiches and smoothies, even yogurt.  He was pretty excited when he discovered that the Krema Nut Company has a storefront and sells peanut butter milkshakes.

I didn't realize that in addition to selling peanut butter and peanut butter milkshakes, Krema also sells bagged nuts and candies, gourmet peanut butter sandwiches and frozen peanut butter deserts.   I can't eat any of the peanut butter sandwiches, but reading the menu gave me some new ideas for making sandwiches at home!  The PB Apple Cheesecake sounds especially goo with honey nut cream cheese, an apple fruit spread, and of course, peanut butter!

Kenneth and I ended up ordering two milkshakes.  He chose peanut butter and I ordered the buckeye which was peanut butter of chocolate.  Both were delicious - though I did want a glass of milk when I finished mine!  The peanut butter was very rich and the chocolate in my shake complimented it well!

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