Sunday, June 2, 2013


Kenneth and I went strawberry picking with our friend (and Kenneth's fellow veterinary classmate), Susie, at Jerry's Berries, southeast of Columbus.  We picked over two quarts of strawberries, one of which is being turned into 'crock-pot strawberry jam' as I write this!

We sampled Earliglow, Northeaster, Allstar and Sparkle strawberries.  My favorite was Earliglow, while Kenneth preferred the Sparkle variety.  Very few Sparkle strawberries were ripe, so we ended up harvesting Allstar (pictured left) and Earliglow berries (pictured right).  The Allstar berries that we picked are being made into jam, and I plan to modify a simple raspberry scone recipe from Martha Stewart to make gluten-free strawberry scones with the Earliglow berries.

This was Kenneth and I's first time going to a 'u-pick' farm of any kind.  I've been wanting to go and pick something for a long time (we definitely have to go apple picking this fall!) but had never made the time to go.  I'm so glad Susie suggested we go today - and we had the perfect weather for it too! 

June 3rd, 2013 - Author's Note: I finished making the strawberry jam last night!  I'm not sure if I didn't cook the jam long enough, or if I should have used a recipe with pectin, but the jam is a little watery, more like strawberry syrup.  Kenneth has already found a great use for it though - strawberry milk!  He just spoons a little jam in a cup, adds milk and stirs!  Pink strawberry milk without any unnatural additives!  It also still works as jam, it's just a little runny.