Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Grass Skirt Tiki Room - Downtown Columbus

Last week we celebrated the end of our school tour season at the Conservatory with lunch at the Grass Skirt Tiki Room in downtown Columbus.  This was my first visit to Grass Skirt, but my friend and co-worker, Amy, has been trying to get me to come for a while now since they have gluten-free options (as well as several vegan options)!

Lots of great tiki statues!

The decor in the restaurant is festive and fun - Amy has friends who created a lot of the cool tiki sculptures and was able to tell us a little more about some of the pieces.  The restaurant itself is very dark!  It took a while for my eyes to adjust, but this did give me a chance to try out a setting on my camera that I haven't used very often - 'hand-held night scene'.  I took a lot of pictures and most of them turned out!  

Nicole, Joe, Haley and Amy - all ready for lunch!

I really liked the glass orbs - some of which had puffer fish inside of them.  They provided a nice glow and added to the oceanic vibe of the restaurant.

The bar is decorated with a grass 'roof' - but since we were at Grass Skirt during lunch and still had to go back to work afterwards - none of us tried any drinks from the bar, though the cocktails and other drinks sound delicious!

We ordered kimchi cream cheese dip with wonton chips for the table - I can't eat wonton chips so I didn't try this - but everyone who did really enjoyed it!

I ordered an iced tea and the rumaki pasta which was rice noodles with bok choy, water chestnuts, red peppers and seared pork belly in a spicy red curry coconut sauce.  I didn't like the tea, the waitress told us it's a tropical fruit tea and I don't like very many fruit flavored teas.  The pasta was good - the sauce wasn't too spicy (I have pretty 'delicate' taste buds, sometimes black pepper is too spicy for me!) and the water chestnuts were a nice crispy addition.

I had a great time at Grass Skirt Tiki Room - it was a nice break from a very hectic and busy spring at work!

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