Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Ground Cherry Blossom

Happy Father's Day to all dads - especially my own wonderful Dad!  Kenneth is on-call this weekend and we  have to stay within 30 minutes of school, which unfortunately means we won't get to visit either of our fathers today.  I'm going to Piqua tomorrow though, so I'll get to see my Dad soon!

I'm posting pictures I took this morning at our community garden plot in honor of my Dad's 'green thumb.'  There has always been a garden at my parents house and as a kid growing up I was so used to having fresh vegetables that I didn't really appreciate it the way I should have.  My grandparents also gardened so I thought everybody had a garden in their backyard!  It wasn't until I decided to study plant biology in college that I developed a genuine interest in plants and gardening.  In my work with as an educator I've talked to kids who have no idea how their food is grown, they only know that is comes from the grocery store.  This has made me realize how truly lucky I was that my Dad gardened at our home when I was growing up - I saw our fruits and veggies growing in soil and knew that they needed water and sunlight to grow.  My Dad has taught me many wonderful things, including an appreciation of nature and plants!  I look forward to having my own yard someday and sharing plants and gardening tips with my Dad!