Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Thunder Cake

Today in Culinary Creations camp we read Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco, then made the recipe in the back of the book.  For those of you who haven't read the book, thunder cake is a chocolate cake with tomato in it!  One of my favorite elementary school teachers, Mrs. Harbison read this story to us and we then made the cake, it's one of my favorite memories from elementary school!  I remember the cake tasted amazing, that it had a weird ingredient, and that we got to help make it.  When I was assigned to develop and teach a cooking camp at the Conservatory I decided to do a book theme for the camp, basically so I could read this book and then make thunder cake with the campers!

The campers were very suspicious of the tomato in the cake, but after watching the red puree disappear in the batter, everyone wanted to try it!  They ended up loving the cake (especially after I let them adulterate the cake with orange frosting and sprinkles)!  The tomato puree adds moisture to the cake and is not noticeable at all in the end - all you taste is delicious chocolate cake!

I have made a gluten-free version of this cake in cupcake form before and will be doing so again soon - it's becoming a delicious summer ritual!