Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pizza Rustica - University District

Before this week I thought my only options for fantastic gluten-free pizza was Zpizza and Yellow Brick Pizza.  Pizza Rustica has proven to be another fantastic option for gluten-restricted pizza lovers.  You can never have too many great pizza places!

Pizza Rustica is a restaurant chain, but the only one in Ohio is in Columbus, located in the University District.  I ordered the Rustica pizza, which on the menu is described as "a delicious country-style pizza with the finest savory prosciutto, plum tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, tangy sun dried tomatoes, artichokes, fresh diced tomatoes, kalamata olives and fresh basil."  I don't normally order pizza with meat on it (it distracts from all the bready-cheesy goodness), but the combination of topping sounded like they'd be amazing together.  And they were!  The crust was like a thin crust pizza (not my favorite before going gluten-free, but when done right, gluten-free crusts are delicious), light and crispy, but sturdy enough to handle all of those toppings!  This pizza was delicious, but I think the next time I order I'll try a different one - there are so many options on the menu!

My only complaint with my pizza is that the next day when had leftovers, I bit down really hard on an olive pit. Granted, the menu does not say that the olives are pitted, but there weren't any pits on the other slices of pizza I ate so I wasn't expecting one.  My gums (not teeth) are still a bit sore.  I would still order from Pizza Rustica again, but I might avoid a pizza with olives next time!

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