Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sidewalk Chalk Cat

Today's photo of the day is of this very ginger cat that a child drew while participating in today's Family Fun activity at the Conservatory.  Today's Family Fun was a 'Butterfly Carnival' and in addition to drawing butterflies outside with sidewalk chalk, we also made the Sharpie 'tie-dye' t-shirt I posted about earlier this week and spin art.  

There were lots of great chalk drawings, but I have to celebrate my fellow crazy cat people, this cat drawing stood out the most to me amidst all of the the butterfly and rainbow drawings!  I did include one below though of a colorful butterfly, with its rainbow.

I also included a photo of my wonderful husband, Kenneth, who yet volunteered to help me and Marty, along with two other wonderful volunteers, Arleen and Jennifer, today.  He's so helpful and I appreciate all of the times I've been able to have him help me at work!